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Hola a todos,

Uno de los lectores del blog me pidió la posibilidad de escribir una entrada en el blog, contando su proceso. Hace unos días me hizo llegar el texto, escrito en inglés, el cual transcribo a continuación, con algunas correcciones de estilo, pero sin cambios de mensaje.

Aprovecho esto para abrir el espacio a más personas que quieran compartir su proceso con los lectores del blog.



Ozi Process


A friend of mine known as »La Barracuda» told me about a company called »Viva en Australia», which helps people get a skill migration visa.
I did a pre-feasibility assessment with them, to evaluate my points and the result, although successful, required me to gain more engineering experience.


I took the decision [to start the migration process], and asked some questions to »Viva en Australia»; they asked me for US$50 to continue [with the process]. When my aunt Maritza learnt about my process, she asked me, “Why don’t you talk with my son-in-law’s friend?” (at that time he owned Australian Opportunities) I did so, and he explained me everything for free.


I took my first IELTS. I felt so eager to do so, and the result really shocked me down. It is quite easy to say that you know English, until you take a test (and some test that it is!!!). I prepared myself and took my second IELTS, this time I succeeded. I revalidated my career in civil engineering and waited for my skill assessment CDR (Competency Demonstration Report), without this you cannot ask for a permanent resident visa!!!


A new Migration law comes to break my goals. They changed all the system and the way to obtain the points. I am only affected by my skill in foreign language. My English competent level user is no longer required, by a good user.
I received my CDR, but it is too late!!! There is no retroactive law for those who had not already asked for their permanent resident visa.


I took my third IELTS expecting a score of 7 in each band… did not succeed.


I took a course to help me get a high score in the IELTS, and took my fourth IELTS… did not succeed. I grieved.
A new hope cleared the way, my migration agent told me the system would change again and it was highly likely that I could be invited, not for a permanent, but for a provisional visa. I accepted [that option], but yet again, [it] was not easy. I needed to gain more engineering experience due to my age at that time (33 years old) and not having succeeded in [the] IELTS. I [then] met [she] who is now my wife, and the approach changed, indeed, but [it was] never forgotten!!!
At that time [my migration agent] owned “Mi visa Australia”.


I took my fifth IELTS and She [my wife] her first and only one, we succeeded! We waited for the sponsor and [for] the correct time to apply. At this time He owns Emgroup.


We applied for our provisional resident visa, and are waiting for it.


We will travel to Australia if it is in GOD’s plan.

I ask myself!

Is it gonna be easy?
R. The hell will not.

Is it difficult in your own land?
R. Always has been…and it’s gonna get worse…that’s the reason why migration process to all countries are getting more difficult than a few years ago.

Was it expensive?
R. Yes it was.

Will I do it again?
R. The hell I will.

I just think about this like some kind of a test! Like turtles who need to go slowly around but safely to their destination…
When you achieve something earned by your effort, confidence and patience, it is when you feel that nothing is impossible for you to make; I thank GOD and my family for always being there for me, and for all the people who have listened to my stories.

Every migration process is quite different for each person and their pocket… MINE? It was with my nails, pain and sweat.

Be not afraid to conquer your goals, free your mind and stop square thoughts. That will be the key for all of us to change the way we live.

Believe in yourself, life’s too short to think WHAT IF?



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19 comentarios sobre “Otros Autores – Ozi Process

  1. Hola man, si, talvez no volví a escribir pues solo te leo en silencio junto con mi esposa. Todo va bien, crecimiento exponencial bárbaro, aun sin trabajar en mi ingeniería, ese tema lo tengo congelado hasta migrar a Melbourne. Llegamos el 2 de Junio, conocimos Sydney 5 días. Nos movimos a Tamworth y conseguimos empleo desde el 14 de Julio de 2016 y no hemos parado hasta el dia de hoy. El 20 de Nov vamos a Col hasta el 6 de Ene. Pronto terminan nuestras reestricciones y podremos ser permanentes. Algún día nos veremos.

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